About Reignite

Why are we here?

Because we’ve been there. Alone, out of work, broke, with outdated skills.

Founder and Executive Director Helen M. Ryan found herself divorced and raising two children with no money or financial support, and with outdated skills. She realized that in order to survive, she had to get her butt into gear and start learning new things. Technology doesn’t wait,

As the owner of her own marketing and design studio, after her children were born she handed over control of the company to her then-husband, and took a back seat, raising their children, volunteering in school, and keeping the company books and records.

When she later became a single parent, Helen realized that her technology skills were so outdated that she would have a hard time finding new clients or even a job. She spent a lot of time learning, working with whichever clients she could find at a discounted rate to create a new design portfolio, and collecting and cashing in bottles for gas to transport her kids to school. It was a rough time.

Fast forward to 2011.

After rebuilding her marketing/design firm, working with social media, web development and writing, Helen found herself wanting to help others who had been in similar ’single (mom) with no skills’ situations (mom, or not, the outlook is often the same).

Knowing that her desperation to learn had saved her and her family, Helen realized that not everyone was able to absorb learning technology and modern office skills on their own. Training was in order. So, she founded Reignite, Inc. To give back. Teach. Inspire. Help create better lives.

Founder and Executive Director Helen M. Ryan